My first aim is to always engage and entertain while providing unique and useful content and strategies that delegates can use from Day 1 and for many years to come. I want to create real impact and be your Conference or Training highlight.
My second aim is to reach over 50,000 people each year through a combination of Speeches and Workshops, Books and my Go Zone Online Program.

1. The Corporate Athlete Program.

My 'Corporate Athlete Program' is all about Sustainable Peak Performance. It's not about running or jumping, it's a methodology to apply an athlete's positive habits, discipline and mindset to maximise business productivity in any commercial role and holistic life performance.

The Program (ideally conducted over 4 modules/sessions) comprises:
The Principle of Progressive Overload.
4 Pillars of Resilience.
Biochemistry and how to control it.
Your Ideal Performance State.
Go, Slow and No Zones.
The Power of Recovery.
Emotional Elasticity.

2. The High Performance Team Program.

Th second of my Primary Programs, again often conducted over 4 Modules/Sessions is all about becoming a truly High Performance Team. The Pragmatic Program is about the essence of leadership, the power of culture and the need for individual accountability. 

The Program incorporates 6 key elements:

Setting a Clear Direction.                                                                                           Fostering a No Excuse Culture.                                                                                   Putting team members at the 'Top of the Food Chain'.
Making Discretionary effort.  Why and What's in it for me?
No external negatives..EVER!
Fun and celebration.



Keynotes and Workshops

I'm often asked to do 'one off' or stand alone presentation as part of an event or when team's don't have the time or budget to embark on a 4 module process.

Here's a brief summary of my Speaking Topics and a 3 short testimonials

The Go Zone Program to help people be more effective and less stressed and to create better structure and greater resilience. The Go Zone is really about being able to change 'gears' with periods of absolute focus on the most important things without excuse or distraction (Go Zones), longer periods of lower intensity that are still productive but less stressful (Slow Zones) and crucial times of guilt free and enjoyable recovery (No Zones).

The Go Zone is much more than time management. It's work effectiveness, boosting Resilience, ageing well and getting every drop out of life.

Change is inevitable in life, except from vending machines.! There is no longer time to deny and resist change, we must accept it and then discover not only how to make the best of it, but how to actually benefit…what’s in it for me? This session is designed to give people a lift, to see change as a positive and an opportunity, rather than an additional burden.

How to recognise and get the absolute best out of all the people you deal with, be they Volunteers, Survivors, Critics or Prisoners. This session is based on the twin pillars of truly effective leadership, Challenge and Recognition. Learn how to use these leadership skills most effectively to develop people to their true potential in regard to execution and team collaboration.

How to communicate effectively with all types of people and personalities; be they dominant, interactive, steady or cautious. This is an interactive and engaging session that boosts self awareness and demonstrates practical ways to deliver your message in the most appropriate way, to have the maximum positive effect on the people you are dealing with. Ideal for anyone who needs enhanced skills in personal communication to fulfil their work role effectively.


“Mark was amazing. He kept the audience enthralled and received awesome feedback from 800 delegates.”

Pittard Training Group

“Mark is wonderful. The audiences love him and the Go Zone works.”


“Mark was the standout! Again!”

Vero Insurance

“Blown away, Mark was awesome…So motivating and relevant, it would be great to hear more of Mark”

Medibank Private

“Mark is clearly the best speaker we have ever had”

Hella Australia